Strategic Planning

There’s more to it than software systems. It means having the vision to understand that the people you choose are as important as your hardware capabilities and needs. It means having enough foresight to understand that it is an ongoing activity, going past initial systems analysis. It means that, as your needs develop, you need a trusted team that can not only evaluate your initial SAP architectural needs, but that can help you reassess your software requirements as your business needs grow.

Project Management

The average SAP project requires an experienced SAP management team to foster a successful implementation or upgrade. That’s why we offer the services of experienced senior-level SAP managers who can help you run your project in a timely and cost-effective fashion.

Staff Augmentation

When your SAP project requires advanced SAP experience and expertise, our staff augmentation service may be just what you need. We are ready to provide to you the benefit of on-site SAP specialists, regardless of your scheduled needs.

Staff Training

Like a majority of clients, you will eventually want to shift management of your SAP system to an internal department. That’s why we offer you the option of intensive training for your staff, where we teach how to effectively manage your entire SAP system.


It’s absolutely critical to correctly assess when to upgrade your SAP software. But, more importantly, are you comfortable enough with SAP to render an informed decision as to which specific upgrade will best suit your organizational needs and growth potential? Our experience personnel are fully aware of the importance of such decisions, and they will be there to assist and consult throughout the whole process, saving you both time and money.